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The small camera with a big punch.

Photography Simplified

Clincam is the best small format point and shoot dental photography solution on the market today capable of capturing high quality intra and extra oral clinical photographs without the need for external flashes or expensive lenses.

Simple to use without a steep learning curve or  prior knowledge of photography required. 

Whilst only a dSLR will rival a dSLR, Clincam offers an alternative that is balance between quality, simplicity and cost. All images on the website and on our social media were taken with Clincam. 

It is important to us that our clients are happy and get the best from Clincam. We are available for help and advice by phone, email or video chat depending on your location.

All our prices are in Australian dollars.

Click to view our Clincam user guide or to read our Clincam FAQ's 

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dental photography camera, teeth, smiles, cosmetics, dentist, dentistry, Dr Rakesh Jivan

Clincam Features

Form factor: compact and lightweight at 256g for single handed use

Portable: Pocket sized for carrying between locations.

Durable: Waterproof to 15m, dust proof and drop resistant to 2.0m.

Easy to use: Customised for dentistry. Just point and shoot.

Imaging options: JPEG or RAW plus 4K video recording.

Sharp images:  f2.0 macro lens, fast shutter & reprogrammed onboard flash to eliminate camera shake.

Connectivity: Transfer images to a tablet or mobile using Clincam's built-in WiFi or via USB cable to a Windows or Mac computer.

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Clincam Benefits

Infection control & Covid-19 safe: . Use Clincam with or without gloves, even mid-treatment. Every millimetre of its surface can be sanitised with disinfectant wipes or washed with soap and water for complete peace of mind.

Time saving: Take a full set of intra and extra oral images in less than 5 minutes.

Convenient: No complex set-up. Just grab and shoot. 

Enhanced practice: Improve communication, record keeping, consent,  medico-legal protection & case acceptance.

Easy to use: Just 10 mins of practice required. Any team member can be trained to take high quality images.

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Enhance your clinical practice

Making the ordinary, Extraordinary

Out of the box, all point and shoot cameras are incapable of taking intra and extra oral images with the correct lighting, exposure, definition and quality required for dentistry.

This is where Dental Photography Solutions come in. 

With our bespoke in-house customisations and modifications, we have taken the stock Olympus TG-6 and unlocked its true potential for dental photography.

Clincam isn't just capable of dental photography, it excels in it.

With just two settings needed, you can now take intra and extra oral images with ease.

dental photography camera, teeth, smiles, cosmetics, dentist, dentistry, Dr Rakesh Jivan

Return on Investment

Integrating photography into your daily workflow doesn't just improve your record keeping - it also elevates your communication, case presentation and case acceptance rates.

With Clincam, you can capture a full series of images in less time than it takes to process two bitewing films. 

With Clincam costing less than 1/2 the price of a dSLR, the  return on investment is much quicker.


Capture Fine Detail

You no longer need a separate intra-oral camera. Clincam can zoom into a single tooth from an occlusal or quadrant image without loss of detail or clarity. One image. Multiple options. 

Soft-tissues: The super fast shutter and shake free imaging allows for accurate imaging of soft tissue, tongue and floor of mouth. Perfect for oral medicine.

Check out our selection of photography accessories to go with Clincam.



Clincam is a fantastic solution for everyday clinical photography. Tried and tested by dental practitioners of all experience levels in clinics across the East Coast of Australia and USA, the ease and simplicity of Clincam has helped to enhance communication, patient outcomes and efficiency. This product is a must have for anyone wanting to introduce photography into their clinical workflow.

Dr. Rakesh Jivan BDS FPFA, Digital Photography Solutions

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