About Dental Photography Solutions

Our mission

Is to advance dentistry by helping dental practitioners around the world introduce dental clinical photography into their daily practice.  

Simplifying dental photography

Clincam was developed as an alternative option to dSLR cameras for use by dental practitioners worldwide who were either new to clinical photography or looking for a faster and simpler photography solution.

Our goal is to make routine photography in dentistry quicker and easier to integrate into daily practice whilst being compliant with infection control requirements. 

Although dSLR's are still considered the gold standard in dental clinical photography, for everyday use cases such as patient education, clinical record keeping or communication, Clincam reduces time and increases efficiency without the steep learning curve and cost that comes with dSLR cameras. 

From stock to custom

Clincam was developed by taking the stock waterproof Olympus TG-6 camera and applying custom modifications to the settings and firmware to enable it to be used in the dental setting. Clincam has been extensively tested and used in dental practices worldwide including Australia, USA and Europe with great clinical results.

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Download Clincam set-up and usage guide: Click here